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When to reverse charge VAT

When UK registered company can reverse charge VAT on supply to VAT registered EU member customers?

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Please correct me if I am wrong. The UK VAT registered company is organising a conference in Sweden.  Can I reverse charge VAT for Swedish VAT registered customers only and not any other Vat regusterd EU based customers? Meaning that I must charge VAT on Swedish conference invoices to UK, French, German customers registered for vat. 

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By Les Howard
18th Jul 2019 13:48

Exhibition/conference services fall into the General Rule. This means the Reverse Charge applies where recipients are VAT registered.
Different is 'admission' to an exhibition/conference, for which the Place of Supply is where the event takes place. A UK company would therefore have to register for VAT in Sweden.

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Replying to leshoward:
By blanka
18th Jul 2019 16:58

Thank you, Les. If we register for VAT in Sweden am I right to think that we need to charge Swedish VAT on all our invoices to all customers irrespective of where they are based or whether they are registered for VAT or not? We are charging delegates fees and event sponsorship.

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By paul.benny
18th Jul 2019 13:55

This looks very like the question you asked 4 days ago

Did you not bother to read the responses? Or just not bother to thank those of us who responded?

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