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When to send EPS submissions

When can I submit EPS submissions?

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Hello, so if I have any EPS submissions to make I always wait until after the 5th following the month end and then submit between 6-19th. Must I do this or can I actually send my EPS submissions at the same time as FPS submissions? It would just be more practical.

Eg, payroll month ends and is paid 30th/31st - Can I submit EPS submission along with FPS on or before those dates?

Also, whilst asking - CIS300 submissions - must I again wait until after 5th but no later than 19th to submit?


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By mbee1
04th Aug 2017 11:13

I always send my EPS at the same time as the FPS. I can't answer regarding the CIS300 as I don't have any.

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By lionofludesch
04th Aug 2017 11:21

It depends. I must admit, I always send in the EPS claiming Employer's Allowance with the first FPS. Never been a problem.

But if you've got a weekly paid employee on SMP, you'd need to submit four or five EPSs a month. Which might not work so well.

So it depends why you're submitting them and whether there's a possibility of another one being due.

CIS 300 - fine to submit early if you KNOW there'll be no more payments before the 5th. If you did it on a regular basis, it might raise an eyebrow and prompt a visit at HMRC. Or it might not. The odd occasion, prior to going on holiday, perhaps, won't cause a problem.

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By mbee1
04th Aug 2017 11:21

I refuse to do weekly payrolls so that isn't a problem for me.

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By SteveHa
04th Aug 2017 11:36

I'm with the submit with FPS brigade. You can also submit the CIS300 before 5th.

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By chewmac
04th Aug 2017 11:39

Thanks, these are monthly payrolls. I'm asking because whilst they're rare for me I've SMP going through for the next year'ish.

I suspect the guidance to submit between 6-19th the following month (and not earlier) was from early days of RTI and now I can submit earlier - but I wasn't sure.

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