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Where are our old friends?

Where are our old friends?

I am missing many of the old contributors, even the agitators, such as Penny Chambers and, dare I say, Ronald Angus. Have they been banned, given up or still here as 'anonymous'?
Thankfully we still have some great contributors like David Winch and Euan Maclennan.
Anyone know of the whereabouts of others? Are they now plying their trade with UKBF?


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22nd Jul 2009 20:32

but you have forgotten......
to mention that although the regular and (without sounding to much like a fan) helpful contribitors like Penny have disppeared we still have Swiss - and at least now we can see what he looks like.

I think all the who ha over the new sight has actually scared some of the contributors from voicing opinions due to todays "sue anyone" culture - and I don't blame them.

by the way, this is not my real name......

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23rd Jul 2009 10:43

Perhaps it is

Hi Yes Hello.

Perhaps it is because contributors dont post relevant questions and they dont take this forum seriously? I must admit my life feels
empty without Penny.

As the French would say ou est le Penny?

le chow-chow pour le moment

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23rd Jul 2009 13:57

hon y soit qui mal y pense

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23rd Jul 2009 14:12

Angus is still here
He's called Rangus now I believe.

I miss... 'Fairy Girl' was it?

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23rd Jul 2009 14:15

Beg pardon
It's now rhangus

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By Anonymous
23rd Jul 2009 14:59

Where's he gone?
I miss that guy who hardly ever posted and who nobody else remembers. I wonder where he went.
Oh wait, it's me!!!

Iwan Evans

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By Anonymous
23rd Jul 2009 16:35

never mind them
What ever happened to Jay Tanna? He was a star

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23rd Jul 2009 16:39

I didn't miss you at all, I knew that you had not gone away.

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23rd Jul 2009 16:52

I miss John Sartorius ...
and the great girly calendar scandal of 2005.

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23rd Jul 2009 17:24

Good point ding dong
Can anybody tell me my legal position if someone actually takes my daft advice on here and ends up losing money?

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By Anonymous
23rd Jul 2009 17:54

Steve, that was a fabulous debate
We seem to get 2 or 3 really good ones a year and that was certainly a classic.
You might not agree with John but he had a knack of making you see things from a different perspective.
Andy Partridge
PS. I think you and Jenni Frost were at the same training course. You couldn't forget her. Take a look at UK Business Forum and you will know what I mean

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23rd Jul 2009 20:05

Well spotted re Alan Partridge (I mean Andy!)
I forgot to mention Andy P has not been visible since the upgrade of the site. (or downgrade as a lot of people have mentioned!)

I used to work for a medium sized firm and Andy had the pleasure of lecturing us on a few occasions and I have always respected his views (as I have other trainers whom I have had the pleasure of listening to - including you Rebecca!)

I suspect that a lot of contributors have been scared - possibly unnecessarily about the anonymity issue and decided to stay well clear. I can appreciate their views as there is always a fear that any omments made may be "written down and used in evidence ..... (I sound like PC Plod!)

The fact is we all use and love (teething probblems excepted) this site as it gives us all a back up. A sounding boar of experiences that we can all learn from and use to help us help ourselves and our clients (the contributors are a bit like the 30+ staff in the firm I used to work at - very helpful).

I am not an Aweb shareholder but someone who REALLY REALLY values all of the rest of your thoghts on issues - right or wrong as all opinions welcome - and so would ask all of those whom we have relied on in the past to offer their advice - even if it means setting up a dummy email account on google/yahoo etc and using a fake name as it is the regular contributors of the past whom we trust and will do again.

PS - Swiss - I know you will read this as you are one of the regular contributors who is actually worth listening to, I used to drive a 1983 Capri 1.6 LX in Champagne Gold. It was my first car nd I am now hankering back to my youth. Can you help me find a suitable model?

Ding Dong!

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23rd Jul 2009 20:06

As I remember it...
...Jay Tanna stopped posting after he received a technical knockout from John Sartoris.

Don't know why Sartoris stopped posting. As a previous poster has said you couldn't always agree with him but he was usually worth reading.

Newer readers might like to acquaint themselves with his three-week marathon debate against nearly everyone else in the great Rachel's Calendar Scandal of 2005, here:

and also his diatribe against the con-trick that was and still is the pensions industry, here:

Certainly, those were the heydays of aweb and the level of debate has undoubtedly declined since. As they always said about Punch magazine, aweb is not as good as it used to be.

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23rd Jul 2009 21:02

Where have all the young ones gone?
Good question anonymous, how long have you got?

(1) Biggest own goal in history - trying to mend something that wasn't broken.
(2) This answer would have pushed the question back to the top of the list, thereby resuming the debate.
(3) Sterile opening page with half page of irrelevance at top - who needs braille with that typeface?
(4) More difficult to use for technophobes like me.
(5) Reading increasingly boring diatribes from contributors about their anonymity being breached and how clients might identify them.
(6) Most entertaining posts being removed by censors/moderators because they got a bit tasty.
(7) Even more anonymous contributors now which makes conversations impersonal.
(8) Reading about editors (how many are there?) defending the indefensible.

Tom Egerton

(Had to write my name, otherwise username gets shown I think).

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23rd Jul 2009 22:53

I saaay!
Dingdong, are you thus named because of your uncanny resemblance to (a younger) Leslie Philips?

Swiss Toni also reminds me of someone famous, but I can't quite place who. That quiff's familiar!

Are you guys using real mugshots, or have you been raiding the Britmovie files?

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23rd Jul 2009 23:23

Come back, we miss you all
Yes, I do miss Penny and see no evidence of her posting under another name. Maybe she'll come back some day. Still, Clint is still here and Euan pops in now and then. Me, I'm a Swiss fan....I would be very sad if our regulars didn't some back.

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24th Jul 2009 08:37

John Sartoris
left as a direct result of the calendar 'debate' I think. He pretty well took on the whole of what he saw as society's ills (or at least the part represented by AWEB contributors) and I think in the end it went too far. It was a real shame as he was a great contributor.

I may well have been on the same course as Jenni Frost but I'm not sure why I should remember her so well!

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By Anonymous
24th Jul 2009 17:58

I still post
but it always seems to be anonymous these days.
I must admit the quality of the questions is now akin to yahoo!Answers, so I use taxationweb.

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