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where are you buying your copier paper a4 from?

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where are you buying your copier paper a4 from? our current supplier has gone too expensive in the span of 3 months and would be interested to know if anyone out there is still enjoying lower prices. thanks. 


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By lesley.barnes
06th Nov 2018 15:56

Asda, Home Bargains, B&M. I've reduced the amount of paper I use so I just buy single packets about £2.75.

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By daniel_
06th Nov 2018 16:05

Viking direct.
Around £3.00 per ream. Usually the yellow 2500 boxes.

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By neanderthal
06th Nov 2018 16:10

was with them until recently . service down the hill and prices much higher last 6 months.

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By Wanderer
06th Nov 2018 16:32

Small local stationery supplier.

£3.40 per ream. Could probably buy cheaper but get excellent service, free next day delivery and supports a local business.

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By sculptureofman
06th Nov 2018 16:33

I use a small regional paper company called Dunder Mifflin

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By thevaliant
07th Nov 2018 00:16

Try Wernham Hogg. Best prices around, though that sales guy, Gareth, is a bit of an idiot.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
06th Nov 2018 17:11

100gsm Navigator from evil Amazon market place is about £30 for 5 reams inc VAT, so £5 a ream inc delivery.

For cheap is best, 5 star value crud is about £3 a ream from eurooffice. Mind you don't put your finger through it!

All this stuff has gone up since the £ tanked.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
06th Nov 2018 17:33

90gsm from Ricoh £3.11 / ream + £8.50 delivery. All plus VAT.

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By memyself-eye
06th Nov 2018 18:54

Dunno - haven't bought paper for years - use the flipside of old A4 paper tax returns....

The printer doesn't mind.

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By stig247
06th Nov 2018 19:03

Costco. Hp paper around £12 a box

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
07th Nov 2018 07:34

Whatever is cheapest on Amazon - it doesn’t matter how carp it is, the only post that goes out is to CoHo/HMRC for which we use headed paper.

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By michael1
08th Nov 2018 21:03

I am just a guest on here. I run a smalll business and yes i do have an accountant ! but i come on here just to educate myself. If it is any help: we buy our paper from Lyreco and get next day delivery at less than £2.20 per ream. They are well worth talking to.

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
09th Nov 2018 00:30

Argos 2.99 a ream ( this price includes Vat) and order when we need it same day delivery or we pick it up 3 argos near are office.

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By Charlie Carne
13th Nov 2018 10:19

What's paper?

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By arthvirg230
13th Nov 2018 10:37

Staples online !!! HP paper around £2.20 a ream delivered - always on special offer!

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By Tom 7000
13th Nov 2018 11:29

That's because no one uses paper anymore so all the prices are going up as the suppliers struggle to make ends meet.

Paper is going the same way as saddle makers.

What do you take copies of ?

Your mobile does it quicker doesn't have to warm up, it does it in colour and you can just save the copy on the clients file.

I can't honestly remember last time I used our copier.

It's the same with letter head....

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By pauljohnston
13th Nov 2018 11:33

Well we still buy paper for those clients who are not happy with the new tech stuff - iphone / pc and some are quite young.

If you buy the cheaper papers they produce more dust which can gum up your machines and staff and look cheap.

We buy ours from

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Stephen Quay
By squay
13th Nov 2018 16:25

£3.25 incl vat per ream from B&M Stores or Asda for Xerox Performer A4 80 gsm. A decent good all rounder. We also are using less paper than we used to.

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