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Where can I find training videos for tax professionals?

Where can I find training videos for tax...

Thanks for reading, well it's as simple as the title says: I'd like to watch some training videos. I understand that the big firms train their staff using videos that run through typical scenarios, say in an interview, looking at what HMRC is after and the questions they ask to get that information. I think HMRC themselves have training videos for their staff, these too I’d be keen on seeing.

Anybody got any pointers?




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27th Mar 2012 13:48


If you want videos which deal specifically with how to handle a Revenue tax enquiry, this quarter's offering from Mercia has been in my view excellent in this regard.

I hope I never need it, but I've used it to put together an action plan to get me on the front foot early doors - and stay there - should a client of mine ever face an enquiry.

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