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Where can I see all of the transactions in Xero

Where can I find a list of transactions and transaction categories like it exists in VT?

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I have recently changed from VT to Xero, and I a missing some functionality which exists in VT Transaction+. These are as follows:

1. List of all transactins categories: i.e. PAY, SIN, PIN, JRN, TRF, REC etc. 

2. List of all transactions on the Dashboard.

Any idea if these exist in Xero? The nearest I came close it is Account Transaction Report, or Journal Report but neither are are the same thing.

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By daniel_
12th May 2019 10:21

They don't really exist in the same way as they do in VTT+.
In Xero the user doesn't ever really see the full transaction list, it's just not designed to work this way. VTT+ is very transparent about the background list of transactions.

Generally in Xero it will only show you a specific area.
SINs (Invoices) will be in Business > Invoices.

PINs (Bills) will be in Business > Bills to pay.

REC, TRF and PAY will all be in the Accounting > Bank Accounts area. The 'account transactions' tab will show transactions which are currently in the ledger, both reconciled and unreconciled.
When receipts are posted directly to general ledger accounts (not receivables control) they're called "Receive Money" and when payments are posted directly to the GL they're called "Spend Money". Otherwise Xero calls both 'Payment'.

JRN will be in the Accounting > Manual Journals area.

Other transaction types which exist in VT don't work the same way in Xero. There's no YET, no DVT, no PCV/CCV, no CHQ, no CLR.

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By kiwilondon99
15th May 2019 09:01

and how do i see the sales day book with the nominal for each invoice / part inv

& the export of sales invoices seems tbe only a max of 500,

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Replying to kiwilondon99:
By JKnight
17th May 2019 13:20

Receivable Invoice Detail report - under report settings you can get it to show the (nominal) account and account code.

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