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Where does this phrase go in amended company acs?

Amending accounts

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I need to prepare a set of amended accounts to go to Companies House for a client. I know the phrase "The revised accounts replace the original accounts and are now the statutory accounts. They have been prepared as at the date of the original accounts and not as at the date of the revision and accordingly do not deal with events between those dates." but I'm not 100% sure where this should go so that Companies House accept. I'm using VT Accounts.

Can anyone help?

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By CazzyT
22nd Jan 2020 13:38

In the past I have just written "amended" in big red letters on the front cover. This seems to be accepted. I can recall an occasion when a set were rejected because they didn't have the sentence you referred to. We just wrote that on the front cover and resubmitted.

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By Peter Anderson
22nd Jan 2020 13:45

I've put a similar sentence in the Balance Sheet notes, it was accepted by Companies House.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
22nd Jan 2020 14:26

TaxCalc puts it on the front cover

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By AWeb72
22nd Jan 2020 14:44

I always wondered with amended accounts, are they shown as signed off as on the original signing off date, or the date they are actually amended?

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By Sheepy306
22nd Jan 2020 19:37

I filed a set of amended accounts last month, I simply wrote ‘AMENDED’ on the front page and they were accepted.

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