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Where is Taxfilers PM offering

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Does anybody happen to know state of play with Taxfiler's practice mangement offering.

IMHO, given that we have had the bill for it sometim ago, if they do not deliver on the product very soon, once tax season is over (not long to go now) they will start to lose significant numbers of cutomers. 

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By lionofludesch
09th Dec 2019 17:30

Dunno that many will switch just because there's no Practice Management software.

Still, given their promises, it'd be nice if they made a gesture of goodwill.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
09th Dec 2019 18:25

Pfft, it was just an excuse to bump the price. Id not wait for it myself, just buy something best of breed if your current system is not up to scratch.

The old "you do something for me now, and i will PROMISE to do something for you later on".

Of course they will.

See also politicians wanting a vote.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
09th Dec 2019 18:59

Got it - so I need to anticipate another upward price correction on delivery just about the same time as the election .......for software awards.

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By Slim
09th Dec 2019 21:44

Yes very poor, it hasn’t passed me by either.

That said, even the current price it’s cheap. Although I am looking for a better product for next year.

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By wilcoskip
10th Dec 2019 11:20

I've pretty much given up on it. Seriously interested in Capium at the moment.

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By DavidProcter
12th Dec 2019 10:19

This was asked on a recent Taxfiler webinar and they said it was almost ready for Beta.
Although they said that at Accountex last year (or was it the year before).

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By SamPayne
12th Dec 2019 10:26

We switched over to BTCSoftware for Practice Management and took AP, CT, and SA at the same time. It all works togther which makes my life easier, and the price was great!

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By Charlie Carne
12th Dec 2019 20:10

I wish they'd stop wasting time on PM tools. Will its PM be anywhere near as good as Senta or Accountancy Manager or Karbon? NO, it won't. And yet they still haven't added the facility to file LLP accounts online at Companies House or the ability to edit the names of accounts in the detailed P&L.

Dear Taxfiler - you are an excellent product which I bought for your ability to file accounts and tax returns. Get that finished off (there have been no updates for YEARS on this) before you try to add totally different facilities that are already handled much better by other companies. I don't want Taxfiler to be a jack of all trades; I want it to be the best cloud solution for accounts and tax prep. That's it!

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By pauljohnston
17th Dec 2019 10:12

Well said Charlie. All other software vendors read this comment too.

We use senta and docusoft and docsafe all for the best of breed. We also use taxfiler amd I looked at work papers but this came with another CRM.

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17th Dec 2019 20:01

They've over-promised and under-delivered. That results in unhappy customers, especially if their over promise was coupled with a price increase. They need to keep their side of the bargain; that's just good practice, surely. I'm not impressed.

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