Where should mileage claim start?

When visiting clients in their homes how does one go about claiming mileage?

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I live 20miles from my office.  Since Covid I have worked from home and only worked from the office for half a day during that time.  I have recently started visiting clients in their homes one day per week.  Currently the mileage is calculated by deducting the 40 miles home to base and back from the total mileage.  However, I will quite frequently visit clients only 10 miles from my home and may do perhaps only 10 miles during the course of the day.  Consequently because I haven't gone above the home to base 40miles I am unable to claim any miles.  Can this be correct?  I feel that in view of the fact that I no longer go into the office it is unfair to deduct the 40miles before allowing me to claim.  I do not expect to be paid mileage from home to client but I wonder whether I should be able to claim from the first client if it is nearer to my home than the office ?  

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By Leywood
06th Mar 2023 08:59

This is a complex area of tax, you miss out some crucial information for anyone to make a determination.

Best place for an answer is your own Accountant, if you haven’t got one, you should, as they can look at the position with the benefit of all the facts including your personal position.

This forum is not here to provide such advice.

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By Eddystone
06th Mar 2023 09:53

I'd say forget the office - given that your home is now your base for all practical purposes, I see no reason why you shouldn't simply claim mileage to the clients. If you drive a loop to see several together, then you'd claim mileage for the loop.

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By Tax Dragon
06th Mar 2023 12:31

An accounting forum is not a place from which you will obtain a meaningful answer on your disagreement with your employer.

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By lionofludesch
06th Mar 2023 20:08

I'm reading this as a dispute with the fella's employer, rather than a tax issue.

It's a legal problem. Ask a solicitor. Or renegotiate your contract.

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By adam.arca
06th Mar 2023 21:00

People often conflate the tax side of mileage with the employer side. There is absolutely no reason why an employer has to follow HMRC guidance and, if their policy is to only look at incremental mileage, then that is their policy and the end of the matter. Which doesn’t stop the employee from claiming tax relief on mileage based on aforementioned HMRC guidance.

Don’t like the employer policy (which seems entirely reasonable to me)? Get a different employer.

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