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Where to advertise?

I used to use Gumtree but that seems to not provide any leads nowadays. Any tips?

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Looking for some new leads as my client base is being semi-decimated by IR35.

Gumtree was good for new leads for circa 10 years on/off but seems to not work anymore.

I just wondered if colleagues had any advice for gaining new leads online and which platform/s to use?

I am a qualified accountant that offers the full range of servces for Ltd Co and Self Assessment.

Many thanks in advance.


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By accountantccole
25th Feb 2020 12:46

I used to get most of my new clients from face to face networking events (BNI mostly) and Facebook (interaction with posts and regular, accounts/tax related information provided to be seen as an expert).

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By Moonbeam
25th Feb 2020 14:54

Advertising is probably a waste of money and time. Online networking or face to face networking is best. It's tough out there and will take up a lot of time

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By marks
26th Feb 2020 23:56

Ways to get new clients

1. Google ads
2. Website (talk about the problems, pains and frustrations your ideal client has not what you offer as people dont care what you do they only care what the result is for them)
3. Facebook ads
4. LinkedIn posts
5. Video posts about you and what you do
6. Direct mail
7. Email marketing
8. Networking events (personally I dont think is worth it as most of the networking events I have ever been to is the same people at the same event and also just a handful of people)
9. Ask existing clients for referrals on a systematic basis eg when you have completed their accounts/tax or done something that got a result for them.

Whenever you get a lead systematically follow up with them until they either sign up or tell you to go away.

Ideally set up an automated follow up email campaign for any lead to request a meeting and any meeting to follow up your proposal.

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