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Where to find subcontract accountancy services

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I'm considering my workload in the run up to Christmas and the January tax return deadlines and I am thinking of hiring in some self-employed accountancy help but struggling to find where to start looking for this help?

Does anyone have any experience of this?

Or any ideas where to start looking?

I'm based in Kent if anyone reading this is actually looking for subcontract work. 


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By williams lester accountants
29th Aug 2020 16:26

We can do it, £375 per hour.

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Replying to williams lester accountants:
30th Aug 2020 10:32

Thanks for the offer but until I get Bill Gates as a client I'll respectfully decline your offer!

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Replying to TTID:
By williams lester accountants
30th Aug 2020 12:06

Not sure what Bill Gates can add to it, but surely he would need a US return, not UK. We charge more for those.

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By Paul Crowley
30th Aug 2020 13:31

I regularly get outsourcing offers from India.
Never accepted though.

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By exceljockey
02nd Sep 2020 17:29

I used to use for any short term contracted help. You can limit your applicants to those based in the UK. But having said that, I am sure some of the applicants are not based in the UK and use IP altering software to bamboozle the Upwork location software.
If you do use Upwork make sure you interview the applicants like you would any normal job applicant just to make sure you are comfortable.

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