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Where to get international tax advice?

UK Based company delivering projects for global clients

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Hi Everyone,

We have been gradually winning more projects with global companies with lots of offices around the world.

Services include: Consultancy / Technical Surveyors and Engineers / Physical Installation / Maintenance & Servicing / Remote Support

For all global projects, we partner with local firms to do the project delivery on our behalf (but managed out of the UK).

Each City/Country (particularly USA) have different sales/local taxes we need to consider.

Billing is always out of the UK in either GBP/EUR/USD

Where do we go for advice on: VAT / withholding taxes etc....

We are still a small business and can't afford a dedicated international tax team from on of the BIG firms, but need to know how to structure our quotations and invoices so we don't lose out due to taxes we weren't aware of.

Hopefully someone can point us in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

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By Youareatit
29th Jan 2021 14:57

Try a medium sized firm that has a tax department. I know one or two. Where are you based?

There are two or 3 VAT advisors on here who you could approach so see if they will take you on, if they have capacity. Les and Jason, look them up, they both post responses regularly.

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By jasonoz
29th Jan 2021 16:58

Hi Youareatit,

Nice Username by the way...

We are based in London.

When we have spoken to VAT consultants, they mostly focus on UK/EU VAT and are unable to support other types of foreign sales/value added tax, so now we find ourselves a bit stuck.

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