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where to search for Company formation documents?

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Hi All,

Appreciate your time.  A very silly question but really stuck here, actually I helped someone open a company there is no activity whatsoever but now need to file the confirmation statement, As I have been out of work for some time I cant remember how to obtain those initial documents. Such as the ones you get when you first create your company with company number and then director , share etc info. I hope I am making sense. I also requested for the confirmation statement to be filed online for wjhich I am waiting on the code, would that help? thanks a lot

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By uahmed
22nd Feb 2022 11:03

OK Guys, It seems I found it, many thanks anyway!

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By Truthsayer
22nd Feb 2022 16:13

A word of advice; don't 'help' anyone in future with things such as this, as you clearly have not got a clue.

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