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which binding machine?

which binding machine?

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Hi there

need some advice on what type of binder to use. I work from home andhave a very small client base now. I hope it will expand  in the future to the point it will be enough for me and my husband. This gives you an idea of the current and future  workload.

I wanted to buy a binding machine for client docs but not sure what to pick - the glue or the comb one?

Any recommendations?

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By Richard Willis
14th Jul 2010 17:31

I would go for

the comb type.  Depending upon your range of clients if you go hot melt glue you will have to keep two or three (at least) different thickness sizes, whereas the comb type are universal.  Also if you spot a male chicken-up you can take a comb apart, whereas with glue you are stuffed.

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By sheilb
14th Jul 2010 21:16


I use staplix folders by a small company called Touraco - fab product, they print with your firm's name and sheets don't fall out ( a problem I always had with heat binders) :) I think they've been taken over by company called circles services , but just google staplix.

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By Paul Scholes
14th Jul 2010 23:08

Do your clients want bound docs?

I only ask because we gave up binding accounts and other documants about 10 years ago when we found that many clients thought they were hassle as they couldn't file them properly and ended up ripping off the comb binders. These days 99% of docs are emailed meaning clients can do with them as they please, ie they are free to buy & use their own binding machine!

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By JulietW
15th Jul 2010 10:43

Rexel CB206 comb binder

Most of my clients get their accounts by e-mail but for the few that request bound paper copies (yes, there are some) I have a Rexel CB206 comb binder.

I’ve had it for almost six years now and it works as well as the day I bought it. Regards

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By Luke
15th Jul 2010 10:49

Local office supplies shop?

Most of my clients don't want bound copies but for the very few that do (3 or 4 a year), I go down to the local independent office supplies shop 2 miles away who will give me clear front and back covers and comb bind the document for about 90p/ £1 a go. 

See if someone local to you does it, not only is it cheap but it saves me taking up space with a binder in a fairly small home office, one less thing to clutter the place.

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By SE_Confused
15th Jul 2010 11:36

many thanks to you all

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By FirstTab
17th Jul 2010 12:43

Agree no need for binding

We are now less paper office. I agree with Paul, accounts are emailed to clients, there is now no need for binding. This is such a waste.



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