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Which cloud software should I use?

Currently using SAGE but have heard great things about XeroRegard. Recommendations are appreciated.

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Hi all,

i am looking for recommendations on cloud software. Who’s the best? 




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By petersaxton
07th Jan 2018 07:37

I think Xero is best.
They seem to look at it from the accountants point of view as well as the clients.

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By John Charman
07th Jan 2018 08:18

I think they are all very similar. Sage, QB online and Xero that is.

I use Xero personally, however I know some are put off by the price of it. I've worked with it quite regularly, there are lots of add-ons and it's straight forward to use.

I'm not a fan of kashflow or free agent myself.

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By JimLittle
07th Jan 2018 11:33

Quickbooks Online is very good and easy to use.
Reasonably priced with fantastic customer service -
as well as dedicated accountant's support team. I prefer UK telephone support than contacting a support center via email located thousand miles away.

I would just use the trial versions of Quickbooks and Xero and compare them to see if they meet your requirements in ease of use, reporting, functionality, pricing, customer support, integration etc.

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By mjshort
07th Jan 2018 13:56

Please do NOT use Kashflow. Whilst I am happy with Keytime Accounts Production and Corporation Tax, Kashflow has made me very disappointed and can't wait to get last client to their year-end to finish using Kashflow entirely.

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By DMGbus
07th Jan 2018 18:58

I have used four cloud accounting packages, resulting in my opinion as follows:

1. Avoid QB and Kashflow.

2. This leaves SageOne and Xero.

3. Xero seems easier to use, but lacks SA return, iXBRL, CT600 and statutory accounts functionalty requiring the inconvenience and additional cost of additional software.

4. SageOne (agent version) includes iXBRL and CT600 functionality as well and statutory accounts functionality.

5. In my opinion compare costs SageOne vs Xero (+ add on software from a 3rd party) and if SageOne is cheaper then use that.

6. If Xero were to have integrated iXBRL + CT600 + Statutory Accounts then that is the one that I would go for, but looks like Xero have taken the cheap (for them) and nasty (for users) option of recommending an additional third party software to cope with missing features.

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09th Jan 2018 13:48

Thats like asking which car should I drive - it depends how far you want to go, how fast you want to drive and how much you can afford to pay

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Replying to NH:
By Glenn Martin
09th Jan 2018 15:46

If buying a car, best advice is always get a German one.

With cloud software, my opinion is Xero is best by a long shot, it 5 versions work for full client spectrum its direct feeds and add on community are what sets it apart.

Kashflow is terrible as stated above, it seems to have now had the full Iris conversions why they take a product with potential then enforce a long slow and painful death on it.

Sageone is probably second best - as it has accounts/tax filing you can end to end your clients accounts.

QBO is cheap but poor, support is [***] and account management is also [***], lack of direct bank feeds will drive you mad as they are about as unstable as mad jack unstable from unstableville.

Freeagent is good for small clients and contractors but more expensive than all other on market

loads of other small ones but personally would look at the above and see which works for you and your clients.

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Replying to Glennzy:
09th Jan 2018 15:56

Also as with a car its a matter of opinion and taste.
You see I use both Sage One and QBO, and in my opinion QBO is far better than Sage (sage support is abysmal).
My personal rating as I have said before is Xero, Freeagent, QBO, Sage from best to worst, however for price it is the exact opposite.

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By johnt27
10th Jan 2018 10:45

Got to be Xero all the way.

If you want a cheap version of Xero go for QBO but remember you get what you pay for.

If you want a toddler version of Xero/QBO that is 8 years behind current development go with Sage.

Kashflow died the instant Iris bought it.

FreeAgent is great for freelancers but no one else.

All others (free or otherwise) aren't even worth Googling.

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