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Which payroll software do you use? (Practice)

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We're potentially looking to switch from Moneysoft to a new payroll software, although I seem to be struggling to find one that has a client or employee portal facility, as well as the ability to submit CIS returns.

I liked the look of Brightpay, especially as it has the ability to submit an EYU also, but it doesn't appear to have a self-service portal.

Any recommendations greatly received!


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11th Feb 2019 13:59

Brightpay Connect is the cloud self-service portal for Brightpay which also includes CIS as standard. Have a look at the website. Highly recommend it.

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11th Feb 2019 14:24

BrightPay is a very nice product and IMHO a more progressive one that MS.

You'll find it can cope with large employers or CIS Contractors and both can be supported with it's cloud portal BrightPay Connect (where employees / sub-cons can note hours worked, hol requests, view payslips etc).

I think you'll find another look is well worthwhile.

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11th Feb 2019 14:37

As with the above I use Brightpay and it's portal for PAYE and CIS. Really can't fault it, Excellent programme.

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By jcace
11th Feb 2019 15:00

You've asked for everything that BrightPay can provide. We use it for our payroll and CIS clients and are very pleased with it. Auto enrolment is very intuitive. And the Connect facility would provide the online portal you appear to be looking for.
I would definitely recommend you take another look or even contact them - they're very helpful.

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11th Feb 2019 17:25

BRIGHTPAY without a doubt. It fulfills all in a simplistic way. The CONNECT self service portal is loved by clients as it’s easy to understand. I use CIS & it’s got a professional look. AE is a seamless process.

There are other little bits not provided by Moneysoft. One is changing a schedule from say weekly to monthly mid year.

Their support is second to none

Try it and go with it.

t weeklybto monthly

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13th Feb 2019 09:08

I use Brightpay and I love it. I don't use their Connect feature though.

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