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Which Software for small construction company?

Easy to use cloud software for small contractor

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Can anyone recommend an easy to use cloud based accounts & consruction business system for small to medium contractor.

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By frankfx
15th May 2020 11:13

What software have you considered and rejected, and your reasons for rejection.

Small to medium covers a huge range. One man's small is another's huge.

I would hazard a guess that the business will be closer to micro rather than small.

With limited financial and staff resources.

The contracts may be short term, and low value....... but that is still ''undefined ''

Please kindly define terms and requirements , then you may get a flood of focused solutions .

As the Cheshire Cat explained to Alice, ''if you do not know where you are going , any road will get you there''.

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KG McGahan
By KMcGahan
15th May 2020 11:30

Quickbooks and Xero are both very good

I use QuickBooks for a small construction firm and it does everything they need including CIS deductions and statements. It works very well with AutoEntry for scanning invoices and statements - the statements/invoice matching feature in Autoentry is superb and saves loads of time.

Xero would be another option if they need something a little bit more sophisticated and offers free hubdoc for invoice processing and its own snap and scan function is great for expenses - camera function on a par with adobe scan. QuickBooks and Xero also offer free practice management software and online training.

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By Truthsayer
15th May 2020 12:44

If it is your company, you should ask your accountant, as he will know you and your requirements better than us. If you are the accountant, the same thing applies, so there is little point in asking us, particularly as you have provided minimal information about the client.

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By lionofludesch
17th May 2020 07:42

I don't know that a construction company is particularly special.

Unless you're wanting to keep a track of job by job costs. In which case, that's another missing jigsaw piece.

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