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Which software should i choose?

Which software should i choose?

I am going to be setting up a bookkeeping practise shortly and have been advised on different accounting and payroll software. Some people have advised me to get sageline 50. Others say it is too complicated. People have also advised me to get PTP accounts software and DOSH accounting. Comparing prices sage is much more expensive but is it worth it?

Many Thanks
I Zaman


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By Bryden
25th May 2004 13:53

Tas Software
I do a lot of book-keeping for clients, and have used Tas books for several years, long before they were bought out by Sage.

Data entry is very quick, incorrect entries can be changed, it can do invoicing, and they system is very simple and easy to use.

Pricing is at various levels starting at less than £100. for the book-keeping package.

Have a look at their site

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27th May 2004 17:54

TAS Software
I concur, we use TAS software for all our company's small clients book keeping requirements and it really is good. You can get a multi-company licence very cheaply.

TAS handles both Cash and invoice accounting.

My all time favorite feature is that in TAS 2 and 3 you can set up default posting journals, for eg you know that your Petty Cash each month will be to Post, Staff welfare and sundries, but you don't know the exact amounts. Once you type in the default code for petty cash the correct account numbers will appear & you just have to put in the numbers!

It also has recurring journal features for those clients who insist on paying a huge invoice by monthly direct debit.

I have found TAS to be very user friendly and far easier to work with than Sage, especially when you want to change things in a previous year when doing auditor's afterdate journals. I hate the way Sage puts these into the current year on a nominal ledger print-out. On TAS, all transactions for a year will be shown in that year regardless of the actual date you posted them. So a nominal ledger print-out will show opeing balance, transactions and closing balance, all very neat.

You can also change the Financial scripts to suit you, renumber Nominal accounts if you change your mind where you want them, I could go on.

I am not a re-seller of TAS, but I would highly recomend it to anybody upto and including a medium sized company.

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27th May 2004 17:08

Yet another opinion...

I've set up a few bookkeeping bureaus in my time and have the following to add...

Consider the most complex client you're likely to have in 2-3 year's time.
A low-end package may be able to deal with your initial needs, but what happens next?

You don't want your team to use different packages for different clients...
(think of the training, licensing and support costs)

If you use a more powerful system, you'll be able to write reports for one client (and be paid for them) then sell them to other clients as well, without huge amounts of extra work.

Whatever you do, ensure you buy an open system. You'll have to exchange data with clients and other 3rd parties.
Don't rely on 1980's technology like importing and exporting text files.
(This should remove some of the earlier suggestions from your list!)

Finally, workflow

Invest in a system where you're able to manage your team by exception.
You need to be happy they're meeting their deadlines and your client service level agreements.

Do it properly and you'll have a very profitable and enjoyable business.

If you want a chat, just drop me a line.

Mark Ryan
[email protected]

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26th May 2004 22:34

What do you want from the software
If you want simple bookkeeping - 3ledger no stock etc and you would like a simple package to distribute to your customers so they can produce files which you can take tidy up and then give back, and you would like a seamless route to final accounts production then VT is a very good bet. If however your customers require more than this and have requirements for stock, orders etc then myob,quickbooks and Pastel are good contenders.
Quickbooks has a nice feature of accountants copy so that it merges back with the clients file and posts adjustments.
Payroll wise both qtac and moneysoft have lots going for them - we like both in the right circumstances.
Hope this has been of use
Viv Burrows
[email protected]
07811 440877

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24th May 2004 08:42

It all depends on what you require the software to do. The best simple book-keeping package I have come across is Visual Transaction.

However is you wish to do sales invoicing and integrated payroll then I would suggest looking at Quickbooks.

I am afraid you will probably get a lot of different opinions on this question !

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By Anonymous
24th May 2004 09:41

I'd have a look at VT Transaction. Great value for money although at present does not carry our invoicing. According to VT this will be updated in around 2 years!!

Check it out on

IRIS also do some particularly good book keeping software. Bit more expensive I think.

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By Abacjm
24th May 2004 20:29

Try Moneysoft's Money Manager/Final Accounts. You can grow it as you grow, adding the best payroll package in the UK to it may be an excellent decision. Office Manager too can be an extremely useful prog - all of the above fully integrated or not as you prefer. All for less than £500 or thereby. check it out.

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25th May 2004 15:23

Try Norwegian market leader, has just come to the UK
Take a look at they are Norway's market leader for SME's and have an incredible breadth of application (equivalent to Line 100 + ACT + website + more) for £399 per user. They launched in the UK earlier this year and seem to be moving quite fast. There's a downloadable trial version and Evesham Technology are offering it in low cost budnles with business PC packages.

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25th May 2004 09:40

Have you considered Pastel

Pastel is in use with over 350,000 SME's worldwide and has a solution to suit businesses from the smallest sole trader through to organisations that require 20 or 30 people accessing the system concurrently.

If you have a look at, there is nore information and pricing there for you to look at.

Alternatively, phone us on 0845 456 3103.

Good luck


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By Anonymous
26th May 2004 09:48

What about Access Accounts?
You'll get a lot of different responses to your question, but it really depends upon your requirements.

Access Accounts provides a range of seamlessly integrated modules - everything from core financials, project management, e-business and the entire ordering and inventory process. Its a truly scalable and cost-effective range of solutions, delivering financial management to companies both large and small.

No matter what software you select though, I'm sure you know that the success of any system depends on those who implement and support you. An understanding of your business requirements and identifying the best solution to meet your needs can only come as a result of experience of successful implementations. Armstrong Consultants have over 10 years of experience in the planning and implementation of Access Accounts.

For further details visit, or email [email protected] or call 01582 465100.

Claire Jones
Marketing Manager
Armstrong Consultants

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