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which software to use?

which software to use?

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Hi there

I am currently using sage one but am finding that as I deepen my understanding and get better I would like functionality that sage one doesn't possess.

I have looked at Quickbooks online and liked the ideas but found the live bank feed a bit glitchy and the support almost nn existent having said that I specifically want a software system that will allow me to make payments on Account to suppliers and receive them from clients and I would prefer it to be online since I feel thees systems are more user friendly

Can any one advise me on whats best or any positive experiences they've had?



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By Moonbeam
11th Dec 2013 10:58

Go for Xero

Forget Sage, who've lost the plot for Cloud systems.

Xero will be the market leader in the UK for this sort of thing, so I suggest you look at it seriously.

But if you bank with (I think) HSBC you have to pay extra for the bank feeds.

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Replying to andy.partridge:
By stoo
03rd Mar 2014 13:50

Avoiding HSBC feeds

Hi Moonbeam,

You are correct that HSBC charge for bank feeds but you can avoid these by downloading the statements as, I think it's a .QIF (it's the Microsoft option on the HSBC statement download dropdown bit!) then importing them from your downloads folder into Xero using the promts on Xero. It's really straight forward and avoids the fees!


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By VirtualAccounts
11th Dec 2013 11:44


I would agree that Xero is really good if you want added functionality.  If you have a very straight forward business then I think Sage One is good , but the payment on account issue can be problematic.

Kind Regards

Vicky Newham -MD

Virtual Accounts Ltd

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By Fenella
11th Dec 2013 12:51

Quickbooks support very poor

I don't use the online version but the support for off line Quickbooks is expensive (well it is cheap to start with then the price rockets out of sight) and very poor the few times I have needed it (one time I was told that basically they were all busy on RTI queries and my problem would have to wait a month or so!). I would guess that the on-line version will be the same in that it will start at a low cost then climb up and up, but by then you're committed!


I also don't think Quickbooks is that good a package - apart from being able to undo mistakes, it is not intuitive, and I don't think it is very good for either the one man band doing his own accounts OR accountants/bookkeepers. Plus I have yet to find a user manual geared to the UK user, ie the official manual and Quickbooks for Dummies use US terminology (eg vendor rather than supplier) and go into great detail about US tax forms, which is probably great if you're in America, but not very helpful to anyone else.






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By davidakime
11th Dec 2013 12:57

Xero for me

A similar post is also going on here and it Xero for me

As I have said in that post, Kashflow could be one to watch now that it is part of the Iris stable

I agree Sage appears to have lost its way with the cloud, not because it cannot do it, but because of the infighting between its (what I think are great) desktop products, and all frightened of losing revenue. A great shame because if they applied all that customer knowledge to a product it could be amazing.

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By AqillaAccounting
12th Dec 2013 10:30

Cloud Accounting Solution

Hi Adam,

It's good you mentioned that you'd like to go for an online solution. In this case you will be able to access your data anytime from everywhere.

If you are looking for a built in payments process for making online payments and other accounting functions you'll be interested to check Aqilla Cloud Accounting Software.

Here you can find all the features:

The software is very easy to use and the price is affordable.

Let me know if you would like to find out more information, I will be happy to help you.

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By Howard Marks
12th Dec 2013 11:31

Life away from Xero

Whilst I agree Xero is making strides within the UK market, I don't think it's the only viable solution by a long shot.


I've just partnered up with Liberty Accounts who are most definitely worth a look and possibly have the best customer service behind the scenes i've experienced in a long while.


They've got a nice bank of short videos which are well worth a watch to get a general idea of the product.


Good luck with whatever decision you make though...

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