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Whichdepartment should I send a disclosure notice?

Disclosure of undeclared rental income

I have a client who has not declared rental income for 7 years. I have written a disclosure letter to the Individual and Small busines compliance department of HMRC with no reply, despite a reminder. 

Is this the correct department to write to? If so what course of action should be the next step?



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08th Aug 2018 10:47

Don't bother writing letters. If it applies follow the LPC guidance:-

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08th Aug 2018 13:03

Indeed. Use the LPC.

The online disclosure form is a bit of a pain in having very restricted input boxes to give reasons, but otherwise my experience was it was relatively quick and easy to conclude matters with an HMRC team that seem to take a fairly pragmatic view.

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By lja20
08th Aug 2018 13:06

agreed, use the LPC, it is fairly quick and you are confident it has been received and being processed.

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to lja20
08th Aug 2018 15:06

Well, on the balance of probabilities you can be sure it's arrived. Being processed seems to be hit and miss with anything in HMRC these days.

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08th Aug 2018 15:40

Thank you for the helpful replies.

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