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Who do I write to for change of Name and Address

Who do I write to for change of Name and Address

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I changed my practice name and address about 3 years ago. In terms on HMRC change of Agent details  all done with the exception of PAYE. They are still under the old name and address. 

How do I go about changing PAYE details? 

I found this link How do find local office Employers Section, for each of my PAYE client? Is this the Cumberland Office? 


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By Old Greying Accountant
06th Feb 2013 13:29

I wrote here ...

... seemed to work OK. I forget exactly, but I think they informed the relevent offices!


Benton Park View



NE98 1ZZ

I gave them my agent ID and supplied a list of all PAYE clients with references as below:


Company NameMy Reference PAYE ReferenceCollection Reference


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By Moonbeam
06th Feb 2013 15:13

Yes, you Just need to inform...

Central Agent Authorisation Team, address above.

For some of your clients, they will not update the records (due to incompetence) but most clients' details will get updated.

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By dreamcatcher
07th Feb 2013 10:06

Recently done this

for a change of address.  Ditto address mentioned above.  All worked well for SA and CT, but PAYE proving to be problem. 


HMRC requested a list of my PAYE clients so that each one could be amended manually.  I provided them with a list direct from my agent online service only for them to write back and say I didn't have authorisation in place for about 50% of them.  Obviously I do because they are appearing on my agent online service but try to get HMRC to accept and understand this is proving difficult.  This has been dragging on since November so I fear the best option be maybe to submit new 64-8s.


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By frauke
22nd Feb 2013 13:09


I just got a letter from CAAT asking for 64-8's for a group of PAYE clients they were unable to update my change of Agent Address.

They all have one thing in common - Authorisation was originally done using the online services facility.

So in future I shall only use 64-8's for PAYE clients and not the online facility.


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