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Who is the best desktop hosting provider?

I'm setting up an accountancy practice and want to use a hosted desktop so that all my IT is dealt with for me. Having done some research, it seems I have three main options:

1. IRIS (as shall be using the IRIS software)

2. Hosted Accountants

3. Hosted Desktop UK

Has anyone done a comparison on price or service and able to recommend which one I should go for? And are there any others I should consider?


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15th Jan 2018 08:51

Check out Cloud2me too. I have used them for about 18 months (Taxcalc, Moneysoft on there) - support tickets always dealt with quickly, it is a more personal service and better value than the larger providers give (i spoke to those too when deciding)

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15th Jan 2018 10:39

Been using HDT UK for about 7 years running the full office suite, Iris and several other software products without any major issues.

More than the hosting stuff though, they are the most helpful and responsive service providers I’ve ever had. In fact, as I now have no staff and am in semi-retirement I am moving away from them (to Google), they are helping me migrate all my data and systems at no extra charge.

I did look at Iris when switching but it was so expensive, especially the set up fee, plus they insisted on a 3 year contract, rather than 3 months with HDT UK. It may be however that Iris have become more realistic over the years.

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By andyrhb
16th Jan 2018 08:09

We use Clearwave - - for remote desktop. Works well and support is excellent.

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