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Who is using Airtable?

How does Airtable compare to Excel?

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For anyone who is using Airtable, or has tried it, what do you think of it? How does it compare to Excel? What are its distinguishing features?

In the BBC article, Airtable CEO said, "It's so easy that people who typically don't have coding skills - like cattle farmers - can set up complex cloud systems for what they do, such as keeping track of cows and equipment."

How true is this?

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By daniel_
22nd Nov 2019 09:49

Had a look at it after the BBC article. Looks interesting but it's definitely not a replacement for Excel. Perhaps a replacement for MS Access.

Best feature I've seen so far is perhaps the API integration which is very easy to use. Tested it out and got it to pull Companies House data into an Airtable clients list using Python in about an hour (I'm by no means an expert).

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By johnt27
22nd Nov 2019 11:10

I've had a play with it - it's a fun product, but not a direct replacement for Excel, particularly if you're a skilled user. The biggest challenge to adoption is familiarity with Excel and ironically I do think you need some coding skills (basic but some) to fully utilise Airtable. The API links are neat but easily replicable and I've seen this starting to come into Excel.

As for tracking cattle there is, of course, already an app for that...

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