Who visited Accountex this week?

And how many pairs of socks were you given?

Didn't find your answer?

On a more serious note, if you did visit what did you find good/bad/worse than bad?

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
11th May 2023 20:42

None for me, I didn't go.

I will take however as many pairs of socks as are going free though...

Only accountants would think free 'sox' was a lure... (surely not?)

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By AdamJones82
11th May 2023 21:32

Apprently every single sales member of a software company I approached as was interested in pricing and trying it out.
Got a reply that all their sales staff were at Accountex and somebody would get back to me next week.
Told them to forget it. Found a company who WAS interested in my business

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By Jason Croke
11th May 2023 21:34

I was there, both presenting a VAT session and also as a visitor to the event.

It was very busy/crowded, lots of people seemingly there for the free merch and carrier bags (terrible for the environment), lots and lots of stands selling apps and digital solutions but to me, lots of the apps do the same thing and everyone pushing to sell you their app/better than the competitors app.

Some apps just close down without much warning and so finding a solution which will not be bought out by a bigger firm or collapse under the lack of interest is big challenge.....investing in an app solution takes time and effort, once using that app, if it were to cease then its back to the drawing board.

Digital is of course the future, I just think it is a way too crowded marketplace all offering much the same. As for VAT, the market is crying out for something that is smart and intelligent but at the SME/small accounting level, there just isn't anything approaching decent, which is a shame as VAT remains one of the bigger risks for SME's and their Accountants.

Finally, when will these sellers realise that "the hard sell" is the reserved for 2nd hand car dealers and double glazing salesmen, the number of stands who wanted me try to their app, to call me or meet up, it's just not my thing, let the product sell itself.

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By jonharris999
12th May 2023 07:49

Just the one pair of socks this time. I rotate all my freebie socks on golf rounds.

The stands are not too useful if you are a small practice (especially since the payroll provider with the virtual golf competition hadn't even brought a left-handed club - useless) but I did get a couple of supplier bits done that I had been putting off.

Two or three useful talks, as always - one will always a hear at least a few useful and thought-provoking things, and is grateful to the speakers.

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By Maslins
12th May 2023 11:09

I think the show would benefit from fewer, better, talks. There were typically 12 at any given time, of course you can only watch 1. Many of them overlap significantly. Made it hard to choose which to go to, then I was sometimes underwhelmed by the content.

Maybe just 3-4 "theatres", one each for:
1) accounts/tax technical
2) admin/AML/IT
3) marketing/business
4) staffing/leadership

Anyone know if there's an easy way to get slides from presentations you missed?

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
12th May 2023 19:10

I too was surprised at the large number of attendees but noticed that come 4.45pm the place was nearly deserted - including some of the stands. The event was supposed to be until 6pm. I had come a long way (4 hours journey) so after attending 3 seminars it was a bit of a rush to get round all of the stands I wanted to see before many left.

Best was that I took the opportunity to have a chat with my software people at Clearbooks. Some of their support staff were on attendance so putting a face to a name was great.

What I found interesting was the number of 'outsourcing' firms there were. The number seems to have mushroomed since I last went to Acctex 5 years ago. I never realised there were so many qualified accountants in India waiting for us over worked Brits to send them our work.

I too found the number of seminars too much. Yes.. some over lapped in content but the 3 I did attend were worth it.

will I go next year? Yes.

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