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Who would like to come on a meet-up?

Who would like to come on a meet-up?

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As some of you may remember, AccountingWEB held a member meet up in London in June 2013. 

It's been a while, so we thought we would hold another one - this time in a different location. The purpose of this is to get to meet our members face-to-face and have a chance to chat offline. 

We're aiming to hold it in June and again, as last time, it will be in partnership with Clear Books (but separate from their own meetups they hold).

Firstly we're wondering, how many of you would be interested?

And secondly, would any of you be interested in attending it in Birmingham? If not, could you please let us know where your preference is? No guarantees we can hold it there but we will definitely consider it.

As for who's going, it would be myself and potentially some others on the team at AccountingWEB. 

So, let us know if you'd like to go and where! 

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Replying to stacey reynolds:
By Dib
17th Apr 2015 13:07

Nay lad, we talk straight oop 'ere.  None of yer southern euphan-watsits!

EDIT - response to Howard Marks

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Replying to markabacus:
By vinylnobbynobbs
17th Apr 2015 13:53

Whats wrong with Leeds?

Portia Nina Levin wrote:

Would you not be better off going somewhere a little safer? Perhaps Mogadishu?


Don't believe everything told to you by the Kaiser Chiefs.

Leeds is a fantastic place for a night out, and much cheaper than that there Lunnon town!

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By petersaxton
08th Apr 2015 15:22


Because you'll get more if you hold it in London.

Outside London I would think that Birmingham, Manchester or Leeds would be best.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
08th Apr 2015 15:25

Come on Rachael

Life ceases to exist outside of the M25.

Make it London or don't bother.


A country dweller outside of the M25

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By Rachael White
08th Apr 2015 15:38

We're not holding it in London. 

Birmingham is looking like number one at the moment - we may have to opt for there! Will need to know by tomorrow afternoon what everyone's preference is. 

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By petersaxton
08th Apr 2015 15:41

When I first came to London

I went to an economics class and everybody started talking about geography. People who lived in London didn't have a clue where any places were in the rest of the country!

It's just a fact that a lot of people are a relatively easy journey away from central London.

I think you should try events in Birmingham, Manchester/Leeds and Glasgow but you'll get bigger numbers when you hold them in London.

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By mrme89
08th Apr 2015 15:46

My preference is Leeds.


@Peter - Judging by this thread, there wouldn't be much of a turnout no matter where it was held.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
08th Apr 2015 16:02


I would go to Leeds but as suggested for a good turn out you should time it at the same time as Accountex as supposedly 3000 accountants attend which should guarantee a decent turnout. If you fancy Newcastle I could sort you out VIP wise.

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By petersaxton
08th Apr 2015 16:07

It is strange

that both AccountingWeb and Clear Books are holding meetings at different times to Accountex. Maybe they are worried about 100s of freeloaders turning up!

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By thomas
08th Apr 2015 16:10

Another vote for Leeds/Sheffield/Manchester

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By mwngiol
08th Apr 2015 16:14


If I don't go to an event, I always like that event to happen on an island near me.

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By cathygrimmer
17th Apr 2015 07:33

Another vote for Leeds from me.


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By Tara
26th Aug 2015 11:48

Date and venue confirmed!

Hi All,


Just wanted to link you to the newer AA page about this meet up - we've settled on a venue in London on the 8th Oct and would be lovely to see you there.


Please do follow the link and sign up if you'd like to join Clear Books and Accounting Web for some free drinks in a really lovely setting.



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