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Why am I the only person to post on Christmas day? Am I a sad git?

Why am I the only person to post on Christmas...

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Happy Christmas everyone! God bless you all.

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By Trevor Scott
27th Dec 2009 11:56

Because other people ...

... are too much of a coward to leave the evidence that they logged onto AW, thereby proving a personality best left unmentioned, for entertainment purposes on Xmas day. I filed my tax return. It was to be left until boxing day but when I saw a recent Tax Web article about the number of accountants who filed their returns on Xmas day... I thought "why not?".

Yours, Coward.

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By Gina Dyer
04th Jan 2010 19:21


Can I tell you a secret? I logged in on xmas day too! (I didn't see your post that day though or I would have replied!)

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Rebecca Benneyworth profile image
By Rebecca Benneyworth
04th Jan 2010 20:44

By the time you posted

I was deeply asleep having put the Turkeys on at 1am, met Santa (sshh don't tell the kids - some into their 20's)and turned the turkeys at 5am and then been woken up by the thunder of feet on the landing at 5.30 as kids piled into one room to open their pressies together (a family tradition). Lunch for 22 close family members (down from 37 last year) and washing up until 8.30pm I was fit to drop by 9 and fast asleep by 10. Didn't even see any telly, let alone a computer.

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