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Why Are We Still The Agents?

Why Are We Still The Agents?

Two ex-clients, unconnected limited companies, had their records passed on to new ("cheaper") accountants nine months ago.

Evidently we're still the agents - two Penalty Determinations notices for unfiled P11Dbs (£400 apiece) have just landed in our post. After I'd stopped chuckling, further investigation reveals that we still have online access to both of these ex-clients' Corp tax and PAYE records.

The old paper 64-8s used to supercede and automatically delete the previous agent. Do their electronic counterparts do the same?  Or is there an overlap period in which there are two agents - if so, are we as the outgoing agents supposed to press the "delete client" button in HMRC's online records?


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By Monsoon
22nd Nov 2011 14:59


has the new accountant just not done a 64-8/ online auth?

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22nd Nov 2011 15:00

At least they were clients!

I keep getting notices, copy assessments etc for a 'client' I've never heard of - who isn't on my client list on the online records! I send them back with a suitable covering letter but a few months later, I get something else!


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By Flash Gordon
22nd Nov 2011 15:06

Won't have bothered doing 64-8s

I've had the same thing!

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to Knight Rider
22nd Nov 2011 16:02

Not The Same Accountants

Separate firms of accountants - I can't believe both of them have failed to register 64-8s. One especially was keen as mustard, and even had us send transfer paperwork online by pdf. Chop chop!

Could it be that the Revenue appoint the new incuments but at the same time leave the outgoing agent's authority in place until such time as we ourselves press the online "delete client" button?


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22nd Nov 2011 16:01


It should overwrite, but I would "delete" them if they dont look like coming back and are still there months later. I think a lot of people just dont bother getting agent status.

Its good form to delete as you really dont want cowboy accountant and co to mess up and it be risk assessed under your agent status when HMRC finally get to grips with using the data they have to investigate poor agents.

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By skhan
22nd Nov 2011 22:55

Lazyness of New Accountant

Its seems new accountants are Lazy.

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