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Why did HMRC not update client's a/c?

HMRC received SATR months ago but system shows null for 2016/17 tax-why?

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Question says it all really. HMRC online system shows they received return online in October 2017 but tax liability per return is not showing. Nothing, it hasn't even been entered and then transferred out, 2016/17 is just null. I've double checked the return and there is a tax liability.

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08th Jan 2018 17:54

We had a similar one a year ago, the return was held up somewhere in HMRC's systems, we never found out why.
It was eventually processed in March. To make matters worse, the client paid the tax due in December, as the account showed no tax due the payment was returned by HMRC in January. After the return was processed the client paid again and HMRC started issuing penalties for late payment which we eventually got squashed.

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By Wanderer
08th Jan 2018 18:03

Common one this year is them not processing the return when there is a marriage allowance transfer.
Ring the Agent Priority Line & ask them to capture the return.
Last 'stuck' one I had was processed two weeks after I rang.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
08th Jan 2018 18:41

The agent helpline referred me to the online services help desk. The latter have"escalated" it. Hopefully it's on the up escalator not the down one.

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By Chris.Mann
09th Jan 2018 08:22

I've recently experienced an HMRC statement of account not including the whole (current) liability.

Surprised? Not in the least.

I'd imagine - systems error - in other words HMRC's systems are insufficiently robust.

Surprised, not in the least?

If you write to "comment" to an MP, or Minister of State, they simply pass on the observation to HMRC. In other words, in passing the buck, our (elected) representative's conveniently ignore a national disgrace.

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By sharonm1
09th Jan 2018 12:07

I've just been told by the Agent Helpline that a few taxpayer records haven't been carried over into 2017/18 and won't be until their 2017/18 tax return is received. For my client the HMRC website shows the 2016/17 situation properly but isn't showing any payments on account and isn't issuing a statement. Apparently he isn't expected to make any payments on account and they won't charge him any interest but I'm not sure I believe that!

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By Carl London
10th Jan 2018 07:54

Same happened to me. Client needed calculation for mortgage so was not impressed! HMRC had not issed a return for the year (even though self employment had not ceased!) and there was an amended return filed shortly after the original. I guess one or a combination of those factors caused the problem, although neither should have...

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By Paul.Chillman
11th Jan 2018 12:09

We had 2 cases (both filed in August 2017). When we spoke to HMRC in November the agent helpline response was that they seemed to be aware of a problem and that they had a message stating that the problem would be fixed by 4th December.
One case was corrected just before Christmas but the other has not been fixed yet. The HMRC system is showing a £5,000 repayment being due despite the fact the client owes them money.
This just creates more work sorting out the appeals against penalties and interest charges.
No wonder MTD has been delayed.

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