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Why don't HMRC issue statements of account?

Why don't HMRC issue statements of account?

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HMRC seem to have stopped sending clients statements showing the tax liability.  The statement included a BACS paying in slip and details of other methods of payment.  I have had a succession of clients phoning me up despite my having sent them details of how much to pay and a link to the HMRC How to pay page.  Why do HMRC persist in removing some aspects of their systems that actually worked quite well?

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By TheStuartMiller
27th Jan 2017 16:19

I've had a few through the post in the last few weeks but these only seem to be for individuals who have submitted their return in December.

Those who submitted earlier in 2016 don't appear to have received one.

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By SteLacca
27th Jan 2017 16:44

They do sod all else. Why do you expect them to issue statements?

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By lionofludesch
27th Jan 2017 16:56

Too lazy.

And the postage doesn't come back to the Government now the Queen has sold up Royal Mail to the German relatives.

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