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Why has HMRC taken over my work?

Why has HMRC taken over my work?

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HMRC wrote to both me and the client after submitting the 2015 SA return last year to say that they no longer needed a return henceforth.

I ignored this as the client's affairs are complex and I have asked the client for the normal information with which to prepare a return anyway.

Before receiving anything from the client, HMRC have just sent me a copy of a tax calculation for 2016 where I imagine the P60 information is correct, but the three sources of other income and the two sets of allowable expenses are those set out in the 2015 tax return which cannot possibly be correct.  The resulting underpayment may be about right, but who knows.

HMRC tell me that if I get the client to tell me, or them directly, what the correct figures are then they will correct their calculation.

So why do I exist?

PS I consider this to be a quite unconscionable abuse of power.

PPS I have just obtained a £450 refund for a different client and a letter from HMRC saying that an SA tax return will no longer be required.

        Am I seeing a pattern here?

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By lionofludesch
14th Nov 2016 12:46

These people are halfwits. They offered to send a client of mine £1188 refund even though they'd been told he'd left his job to start a self employment.

Get the existing structure right, then start on something new, like MTD.


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By Tornado
14th Nov 2016 14:19

Yes, this does seem to happen quite often and for no apparent reason. I guess it is all the information from various electronic sources getting together and coming up with the wrong answer.

If it is nonsense then I usually just use the Agent Line to correct HMRC and ensure Tax Returns are still 'issued' but I guess that under MTD there will be no Tax Returns 'issued' so everyone will be under a sort of PAYE situation.

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Red Kite
By Red Kite
14th Nov 2016 14:22

You might have been well advised to contact (write, phone the dedicated agent line etc) as and when you received the letter/document which advised your client that they would not be asked to complete a tax return in the future.

Whilst I agree, HMRC are completely unfit for purpose. However, that doesn't prevent us contacting this agency to explain the situation based on fact.

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By graeme kempson
16th Nov 2016 11:00

Just received the summary for 2016 saying the client owes £70 but a brought forward sum with no details, but not a liability.
Tax return had already gone in for 2016 showing an amount owing of some £45k ?????
Again, makes an agent look stupid to the client.....

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By csgas
16th Nov 2016 12:39

Many thanks to everyone taking the trouble to review this, especially to those leaving comments.

My only question is whether or not I will live long enough to see my Institute do something that will actually make a difference to the wholly dismissive attitude of HMRC who clearly hold all agents in absolute contempt whilst they, themselves, are clearly not fit for purpose.

( That's today's rant over. )

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By North East Accountant
17th Nov 2016 08:39

It's all part of sidelining the agent.

Self Assessment is to go, going back to HMRC assessment under MTD.

Be prepared as it's only going to get worse.

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By Mister E
17th Nov 2016 09:49

We have seen a PAYE refund to a client who is under SA, HMRC said that his code was not uplifted for PA.
As well the issue of the client being in SA so HMRC should not issue assessments I also got concerned that when the TR is prepared the P60 will be entered as per the paper form and no one will pick up that actually a repayment has been made.
HMRC should correct that once filed but as mentioned above can make is agents look bad.
If in SA HMRC should leave the client alone, as was always in the past.

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