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Why is HMRC's SA ADL taking so long to be answered?

Why is HMRC's SA ADL taking so long to be answered

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When the HMRC SA Agents Dedicated Line was created it was answered in seconds by a human (yes they do work in HMRC) - no automated menu, no recorded messages. They HMRC started playing a recorded message about "quality and training etc". Then agents had to press 1 to confirm they were an agent. The phone would still be answered within a couple of rings after the messages - but not any more. For the last month I've noticed the ADL is taking longer and longer to be answered. 12 minutes today. When it was answered I asked whether HMRC had changed the priority of the ADL. I was told there has been no changes, it is simply the volume of calls. Given that HMRC are wanting to get rid of agents when MTD arrives I am suspicious that they've already started and have downgraded the ADL. Anyone know whether this is the case?

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By simonsheppard1975
15th Sep 2016 15:43


I'd noticed the same thing, but only since yesterday. Every call seem to be answered after about 10 minutes, as you mentioned, normally its always straight away.

I've mentioned this a couple of times to the people I've eventually got through to and the first one said she didn't know of any problem and the second said she'd heard that other people were saying the same thing and that they were 'experiencing a high level of agent calls today' (even though the problem isn't just today) - Otherwise she said nothing has changed at their end.

Seems a bit fishy to me....

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