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Why is the HMRC website so unreliable?

Attempting Vat registration application online

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I'd previously tried to make an application to register a client company, for Vat, online. Having almost arrived at the end summary, the system went down and, provided a reference, which I saved, as a screenshot. The second time, I reached the end of the application and, as I checked the send option, the system moved forward and, once again went down, this time the message being "sorry, there is a problem with this service".

I then decided to complete a manual, posted application, only for the registration unit to question; the main clients date of birth, compared to his national insurance number. The client was on holiday but, on his return, a copy of his passport was forwarded to the Vat unit. The date of birth provided, originally, was indeed correct!

A letter received from the Vat Unit today,  suggests that they are now unable to amend the original registration and, the application must be made online.

Hey ho, having attempted to make two further applications online, achieving only the exact same results as I originally encountered, the office has lost its appeal today, and I'm going to clear off to Sainsbury's to see what I can prepare for our evening meal.

Does HMRC honestly believe it's fit for purpose? I'm sorry, on the face of what I see, it's an arrogant misfit in society.

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By Tornado
22nd Aug 2019 16:01

It is really the whole of Government that is slipping into the black hole and most of the problems seem to centre around IT systems that do not work properly.

I am acting as a Joint Executor at the moment and it took HMRC 10 weeks from February to issue a receipt for the first IHT payment which then gets passed to the Probate Office in order for the Probate application to be processed. It now transpires that the Probate Office are using a new IT system that does not work properly and there must be hundreds if not thousands of Executors like us waiting many months for Grants of Probate to be issued.

In the meantime, we are unable to access funds to maintain properties, pay taxes that arose before my client died, pay utility bills and council tax on properties, and so it goes on, apparently all due to new IT systems that are not working properly.

MTD for VAT looks quite efficient compared with the rapid deterioration of services in other parts of Government Administration.

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By lionofludesch
22nd Aug 2019 16:49

Some IT contractor who was upset by HMRC's IR35 attack is probably chuckling away at this.

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By Matrix
22nd Aug 2019 22:27

Are you submitting the application from your agent account? I thought that all draft applications remained until submitted.

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