Will an inspection report suffice as evidence?

Received 2 quotes for repairs, one before, one after the tax year end. How should I account for them

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Hoping someone can help.

I have buy to let properties and I am just doing my self assessment. I account using the accruals basis.

I have a property that needs a new kitchen but also ceiling repairs. I do have an inspection report from my letting agent, carried out in December 2018, stating the kitchen and the kitchen ceiling needed replacing and repairing.

I received a quote for the above before the year end 5 April, 2018. However it was only a quote for the kitchen replacement itself. The contractor had forgotten to quote for the ceiling repair.

I went back and asked the company to quote for ceiling repair. The company has taken a while to get back with the quote, and I have only received the amended quote that includes the ceiling repair now.

Therefore my question is, do I put the kitchen replacement quote figure only into 18/19 accounting period and the ceiling repair cost into 19/20 period, or should both costs go into 18/19?

Thanks in advance!

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By stepurhan
24th May 2019 08:46

In what way are you thinking a quote creates a deductible expense? Last time I checked a quote wasn't a firm commitment to do anything.

I wonder what else you are doing wrong.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
24th May 2019 09:28

Wow. Just wow.

Hire an accountant.

Be the best £300 you ever spent.

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By lionofludesch
24th May 2019 10:05

Great idea - just get loads of quotes and claim them against your tax.

Doesn't work, I'm afraid.

Way out of your depth. Step away from the tax return and make an appointment with an accountant today.

As stepurhan says, what else don't you know ?

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By andy.partridge
24th May 2019 10:07

Dear Loulou, you make me wanna shout, 'Get an accountant. Please.'

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Replying to andy.partridge:
By stepurhan
24th May 2019 13:22

Showing your age with that joke (as am I for understanding it).

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Replying to stepurhan:
By andy.partridge
24th May 2019 13:57

Just doing my bit for Age UK.

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