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Will EIS/SEIS be available?

New holding company

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Company A is currently wholly owned by a holding company. The holdco also has two other subsidiaries which it owns 60% of each

Company A is trying to obtain investment into the company and is hoping that investors will be able to obtain EIS/SEIS relief.

I understand this is not possible as it is under the control of another company, investment is not possible in the holdco due to the other two subsidiaries.

My thought process is taking Company A out of the group (company has losses to date, so should be no tax issues here), transferring shares to a newly incorporated holding company, which the investors will invest in, hopefully via EIS/SEIS. My understanding is that becuase Company A has been under the control of another company since incorporatoin that it will have to have a new holding company, which the investors can invest in, and in which can hopefully obtain advance assurance for EIS/SEIS as a new company.

Anything I have missed here?

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By kaff
28th Dec 2016 17:35

Why do you think the two other subsidiaries mean that investment in the current holdco is not possible?

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By Jigs
28th Dec 2016 18:03

Its not that, the investment is only intended for Company A, If they own shares in existing holding company they would then also own shares in the two other subs which is not the plan

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