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Will I be Google slapped?

Will I be Google slapped?

Like many sole practitioners I just do not have the time or the money to pay someone to write unique content for my blog.

I can post legtimate duplicate content on my blog. I have heard about being Google slapped for dong this. It means that Google lowers the ranking of a website that results in adverse effect on a website's traffic. Is this the case?

Does duplicate content leads to being Google slapped?



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By Locutus
01st Mar 2012 18:48

Quite possibly I guess ...
Personally I'm sceptical about the value of a blog or Twitter for our line of business. I wonder how many clients really want to trawl through lots of blog entries / tweets for anything that is vaguely relevant to them, but each to their own.

However, if you do find this medium of value then I think you just have to be prepared to put the effort in and at the very least adapt the text you are using to you unique circumstances. Otherwise you run the risk of being 'google slapped' or having a virtually identical blog to umpteen other accountants.

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03rd Mar 2012 15:24


I wouldn't worry about google (which will drop your site well down), I would worry more about the persons who's copyrighted material you are stealing.

Our site gets "borrowed" quite a lot and we come down on the idiots like a ton of bricks.


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02nd Mar 2012 11:05


Read my OP again. I said legtimate copy. I would not have any interest in your copyrighted material.

I would defend myself like a ton of bricks. So bring it on.


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03rd Mar 2012 00:31

WOW....'s a bit rowdy in this post!

First up I would say that I definitely agree that the content has to be legitimate (which you said it is) but I think it is important to change the wording.  I only blog simply as Google picks up key words in a search term and relates them.

Also, Twitter is a good avenue as since October (when I set up my business) I already have 3 "celeb" clients via it.  Again, just use your blog post but take a snippet and "tweet"

Hope it works out for you!

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03rd Mar 2012 08:42

Legitimacy in the eyes of the user ....

Just look at Googles 'lasiez faire' attitude to copyright (& privacy) with images and the pressure they have placed on authors to digitise their works - also could it be argued that privacy is copyright of the individual?

Furthermore, a new site Pinterest - (meteroric popularity rise) specifically reminds users about not posting copyright material

One interesting aspect is that the T&C's of some social sites instantly lay claim to the rights for anything posted on their site

So the question to @ireallyshouldkn... is as follows: if I copied some of your material from Facebook that a 3rd party had posted onto Facebook, who would have the rights to pursue me - you or Facebook?

This whole area is a potential minefield


Question about your image of a bicycle - did you create this image or obtain it from other source; if the latter, do you have the rights (public domain or other) to actually use the image?

Finally, if you can provide genuinely new material it is worth investigating the concept of syndication (see Google) whereby you give others the right to re-publish but with an acknowledgement to the author - very powerful for the right material

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03rd Mar 2012 10:07

Thanks and an apology

Thanks for the response all - really helpful.

ireallyshouldkn... I am sorry about my earlier response. I was having a terrible day.

JC - Great points. I will look into syndication. 


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03rd Mar 2012 15:24


@ JC, I understand if its my material and its on your website I can ask you to remove it no matter where you lifted it from.

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