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Will the zero-rate on PPE be extended past 31 Oct?

Does anyone have any inside info...?

Didn't find your answer?

...or failing that, want to place bets either way?

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By lionofludesch
20th Oct 2020 17:02

Might be - now that you've reminded Rishi that time's running out.

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By Nicola Edd
21st Oct 2020 11:37


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By Nicola Edd
21st Oct 2020 11:35


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By Constantly Confused
21st Oct 2020 13:35

It just so happens I was chatting to Rishi the other day and I know the answer.

Jon, can you keep a secret?

So can I.

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By Jason Croke
21st Oct 2020 17:37

The original zero rate was only from 01 May to 31 July and was then extended to 31 October.

This was an EU wide scheme -

So the first question is, will the EU extend the scheme for EU member states (including the UK until 31st December 2020)? I'm sure the EU will extend this until December seeing as large spikes in infection across Europe continue.

Second question is, post Brexit, the UK is not bound by EU law in terms of what goods can be zero rated and like tampons will be zero rated from next year, I suspect UK may well zero rate PPE permanently as well.

Just my musings though, not based on insider information.

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