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Will you file the RTI's?

Or wait until we have more info re JRS?

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Given how close we are to the tax year, do you intend to file the RTI's to HMRC for payroll if we have no clarity on how to procese the furloughed workers, or hold off?

Really don't want to be processing numerous EOY updates?

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By bernard michael
26th Mar 2020 10:13

As the perceived knowledge is that the Scheme payments will be backdated to 1st March but paid in April I assume that there will be a lump sum payment to the employer, which doesn't effect the employee's 2019-20 income. Therefore file away

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Replying to bernard michael:
By murphy1
26th Mar 2020 11:24

Thanks, we have loads furloughed, and too many unanswered questions

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By mbee1
26th Mar 2020 10:53

I've filed mine. I've just two payrolls left to run and one of those is still a query on SSP. The other will be as normal. No one has furloughed yet but will do so from the April run which, hopefully by then, the system (whatever that is) will be up and running

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