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Winding up of a company - guidance please!

Winding up of a company - guidance please!

I have just prepared Ltd company accounts for a company with a 31/10/11 y/end.

The company ceased to trade in October 2011 (disclosed in the Directors Report in y/e 2011 accounts) and now the director wants to wind up asap.

At 1 Nov 2011 - the company balance sheet includes

Debtors - approx £500

Cash at bank - approx £19k

Creditors - £1,400

Share Cap - £100

P&L Account - £18k

Having never wound up a company before (last time would have been a theoretical at college +10 years ago) - my queries are:

Can I now prepare a set of cessation accounts for say - 6 months to end of April 2012?

The net assets - which will be cash (as debtors/creditors have been paid/received since year end) - this can be paid to Director and is treated as a dividend in cessation accounts?

Silly question - but what about accounting entries for the share capital?  Ie should the final set of accounts have a nil balance sheet?

Do I need to inform HMR&C or can I just submit final set of accounts and CT600?

I have read guidance on Companies House website and it appears the requirement is to complete form DS01 - do I need to file the final cessation accounts with Companies House or will a successful striking off application remove this requirement?

Many thanks and apologies in advance for the stupid questions - I am a sole trader with <10 clients so this is an unusual circumstance! 


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02nd Apr 2012 15:05

The legalities


You might like to refer to my article on this subject as per the link above which covers the practicalities on a step by step basis.

Jennifer Adams

Assistant Editor Accountingweb

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