Windows 10

Windows 10

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I have today received a kind invitation from Microsoft to update free of charge to windows 10.I have a mind to swerve this and I was wondering what others were doing about it.

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By jon_griffey
01st Jun 2015 18:35

RIP Windows 8

If it means ditching Windows 8 free of charge then it seems to me a no brainer.  Windows 8 sucks.

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
01st Jun 2015 19:44

Take it up

It is quite a good system as they will send you a email when your copy is ready.   I have quite a few computers so I will take it up with the first two see how I go and upgrade the others when I happy.  

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By mwngiol
01st Jun 2015 20:36

Windows 10

Will it totally wipe your system like an old fashioned Windows re-install?

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
01st Jun 2015 22:31

I have a couple of computers

One (the less important one) is Windows 8.1, which I will upgrade to 10 immediately.  The other is Windows 7, which I will probably upgrade after a delay.

I have been trialing Windows 10 on a virtual operating system and it looks a bit better than 8.1.

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By chewmac
02nd Jun 2015 04:08

I have registered my interest

I have registered by interest - and as mentioned they'll email once I can download it. Apparently expected to be early July. So worth registering your interest and deciding later. I also fear being an early adopter of any upgrade to software.

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By StevieG
02nd Jun 2015 08:55

Windows 10

I think the main problem I will have is that my accounting programms are linked to office 2007 so will I be forced to upgrade this and have to get used to new office?I think I might buy a cheap PC and leave my working one alone!!!!!

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