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Windows 10 update issues

Is it just me encountering problems?

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I'm seemingly unable to log on, to my computer (laptop) since Windows updated. Various attempts have been made and I'm now attempting a system restore, back to July. That also seems to be a churning operation, which I thought might take between 25 and 30 minutes?
It would be interesting to know if other members are experiencing difficulties. 

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09th Oct 2019 10:52

Not just you at all.
Updated over the weekend, came in Monday and I have lost all my MS Office functions. Can't access Outlook, open Word, Excel or PDFs. I'm not the brightest when it comes to IT so having to wait till someone who is can have a look at 5pm tonight. Last time I did an update Sage went walkabouts in cyberspace, and I had to reinstall Sage Drive. I dread the message "Update and restart".

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By Chris.Mann
09th Oct 2019 11:25

It appears that my system automatically updated, as I tried to boot my system, this morning. I much prefer that old phrase, "switched it on"!
The system appeared to be simply going around in a cycle, where it was unable to move forward and, in desperation, I simply followed logic and, decided on a system restore, back to July 2019. This, on it's own, appeared to take an age but, eventually, I have my system up and running, albeit on a possibly unstable platform.
A visit to the internet, with a search of Windows 10 update issues, suggests that Microsoft has, seemingly, lost a great deal of confidence in the IT sector. Regretfully, there isn't a great deal of choice. Possibly a more apt name for the current operating system might be "one trip pony"?

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Replying to Chris.Mann:
09th Oct 2019 11:37

The person who is going to try to sort my laptop out later today used the analogy of aircraft. If MS built aeroplanes, would he use one? Answer was a resounding no, due to risk of blue screen or "Update and Restart" at 30,000 feet. You're right, not a lot of love around for MS presently.

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By SXGuy
09th Oct 2019 12:00

So glad my update keeps failing

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By Moonbeam
10th Oct 2019 08:41

I've had countless problems with windows 10 ever since it was forced onto me by MS. With a new computer, the problems are different but still regular.
That's why I pay a fair amount for a cracking IT support service. Several months go by and I wonder why I'm paying them. Then another problem crops up and I feel eternally grateful. I consider it essential to run my business.
I've never had to have a total re-install. Some 25 year old whiz kid just takes over my machine for around 20 minutes and then I'm good to go again.
I haven't had the problems you're experiencing, but I'm sure something else equally unpleasant will crop up in a few months' time.

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By Rgab1947
10th Oct 2019 16:30

No issues.

Never had issues with Windows 10. Like the updates and the security features are great. 3rd party security software can clash with Windows 10.

Then some software is not updated quick enough with Windows 10 upgrades. That too can look to problems.

I have moved 100% to MS. Windows 10 Professional and Office 365. Used to be a Linux fan and reluctant Windows user. Use solely Windows Defender.

My high end IT son-in-law reckons Windows 10 and Offivce 365 is good stuff. He is an Apple fan.

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By johnhemming
10th Oct 2019 18:03

I have just applied two windows updates references: KB4524100 and KB4517389 and there were no issues. (I checked them online before applying them as a result of reading this question)

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