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Withdrawal of certain agent copy correspondence

Withdrawal of certain agent copy correspondence

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Laudable as it may be to try to save money it seems to me that the withdrawal of agent copies is a bit of a backward step, and the suggested saving pretty small beer in the general scheme of things.

HMRC cuts - Withdrawal of agent copies of mail

Rather than just stopping issue of the copies might it not be better instead to put an electronic copy of such items against the client record on the Agent log-in in the same way as statements of account are recorded there, at least for P2 & P800?

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By taxhound
07th Sep 2010 09:51

PAYE Coding

I am particularly concerned by the withdrawal of copy PAYE codings, given the number that are completely wrong.

SA800s are also a concern - the client generally assumes that HMRC don't make mistakes and if we don't get a copy, this will cause problems if the client does not let us know what is happening.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
07th Sep 2010 10:30

Make them available online

Thats bonkers.

We have picked up dozens of errors that clients would not even have noticed, much less forwarded to us.

They MUST make coding notices available to agents electroncially, and give notice when they are changed if withdrawing paper copies or we will be blocking up the phone lines with calls.

They could probably save £1.25 million on coding notice issued by actually getting the data right first time....


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Should Be Working ... not playing with the car
By should_be_working
07th Sep 2010 12:16

No Saving

All that will happen is we'll be spending more time on the phone to HMRC - so in a year or so's time they'll be noticing in increase in call centre demand and then what?

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
07th Sep 2010 12:40


"So in a year or so's time they'll be noticing in increase in call centre demand and then what?"

Well, we will get fed up waiting on the phone, and so just submit the returns, and just expect HMRC to amend them for any coding issues - which will then cause a huge backlog.

I should point out that I am more than happy to stop getting paper copies so LONG as they are made available online AND I get a notice of all new ones issued.


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By ACDWebb
07th Sep 2010 12:59

As now operating in a virtually paperless environment

I too would be quite happy with electronic copies, and notification when changes/updates are posted.

That said, as I am finding with VAT Return reminders, the email presently comes to the main Agent log-in email address and there is no way of redirecting them to an "assistant" email on HMRC site. As a result I have had to set up email rules to look out for the VAT number and redirect the reminder. Manageable on a small scale, but Outlook has a limit to the size of the rules file so in a larger firm it might require a macro of some sort to handle redirection.

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By Lynne Ritchie
07th Sep 2010 13:43

Viewing statements of account

I agree that Coding Notices especially should be made available online but I have never been able to view the statements of account.

Has anyone else had problems viewing these?

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By ShirleyM
07th Sep 2010 13:49

Known problem

Are you viewing blank statements? If so, this is a known problem. the following link may help you sort it out.

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By jon_griffey
08th Sep 2010 11:39

HMRC postal costs

Every morning we get dozens of seperate pieces of correspondence from HMRC.  Often a whole sheaf of coding notices - all in separate envelopes.  Is it beyond the wit of HMRC to stick them all in the same envelope?  Would reduce their postal costs to us by 90%.  Problem solved.  Also this would free up our time having to open the envelopes.

Having said that I would support the move to some sort of electronic communication.  We all lamented the demise of the twice yearly box of SA statements but realistically it is in fact very convenient to be able to view them online.  The main problem with this and putting coding notices etc online is that an actual piece of correspondence will be given a cursory glance and errors will be immediately apparent.  An incorrect notice posted quietly in some remote part of the online system will in all likelihood not get examined at all.

Perhaps HMRC should email agents with a daily PDF containing all the communications of the day.  If it is in my email inbox it will get looked at.


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By Rachel Battersby
08th Sep 2010 15:35

Will increase wasted time for all

Withdrawing the P2s will increase the amount of time spent trying to work out what the Revenue has done. Why can't they be available online? Only this week the Revenue issued a client with a notice that they were due an additional £68.60. Eventually we traced it to a PAYE coding from 2008 and although the online system said the exact figure had been coded out I had put on the return, for some reason someone had altered it at the Revenue so that is showed £68.60 owing for 2008 and repayable for 2010 on the Revenue system but not the one we can access. What a waste of everyone's time even with the new computer system in place.

Phase out all the paper by all means - but keep us in the loop. How can we do our jobs and make sure returns are correct first time if they don't let us check that the information we have is up to date?

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By kevinringer
20th Sep 2010 13:50

Practical solution

The obvious solution is to make these available online. But currently we cannot access anything for non-SA clients online so HMRC will have to make major changes to allow agents to access P2s for all clients.

Currently HMRC produce 2 copies of P2s etc – one for the taxpayer and one for the agent. Problem: most represented taxpayers don’t want the P2s, most agents do. Solution: HMRC stops sending the P2 to represented taxpayers and send them to the agent instead. This way we’re all happy. But what if HMRC needs authorisation? Amend the 64-8 so that it includes the question “send P2 etc to agent instead of taxpayer” – the 64-8 used to have a tick box to send the statement of account to the agent.

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By calli
21st Sep 2010 12:55

Coding notices

Do you think that hmrc read these concerns and suggestions, and if so will they take any notice?

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