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Withholding Tax - deduct it from invoice?

A question about WHT and how it applies to licesnsing and sub-licensing of TV content

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Withholding tax is so confusing to me! I am in the process of buying a Turkish tv drama show, which I will sub-license to a TV station in Russia. Essentially I am buying low and selling high to make an income. I won't be showing the programme on my own channel (don't have one) and will only make a profit on the difference between the buying and selling price. My question is this, what are my obligations under the UK's withholding tax regulations? Do I need to pay 20% of the invoice amount to HMRC and tell the Turkish side to claim it back via the existing tax treaty in place? Yours, confused.

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By Accountant A
12th Jul 2019 16:23

Neil Bryant wrote:

Withholding tax is so confusing to me!

That's why there are specialists who provide advice on tax matters in return for payment. Let's call them "accountants".

This site is intended as a technical discussion forum for accountants. It isn't a site for people who need valuable professional advice but don't want to pay for it.

I'm guessing you haven't found a solicitor to handle all your legal affairs pro bono.

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