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Withholding Tax on Non-Irish rental income?

Withholding tax on non irish rental was at 20% has this increased

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A client, bsaed in Northern Ireland, rents out land in Ireland. They claim that their rental income, which their tennants usually pay 20% on, is going up to 25% due to changes in the recent budget for Ireland. I have searched through a few articles on the recent budget and cannot see anything about this. However, i can see that the dividend withholding tax has increased from 20% to 25%, and im thinking maybe they have got mixed up with this. Can anybody confirm this?

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By Accountant A
18th Oct 2019 12:44

"im thinking maybe they have got mixed up with this. Can anybody confirm this?"

How can I confirm if your client is "mixed" up?? FFS!

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Replying to Accountant A:
By WRooney93
18th Oct 2019 12:56

Didn't realise I would be getting critiqued on the structure of my question on this website.

I think it is pretty clear than i was looking someone to confirm that the withholding tax has not increased. thanks mate... FFS!

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Replying to WRooney93:
By stepurhan
18th Oct 2019 13:32

If you'd prefer we can critique you for unjustified use of the Anonymous function (though you've blown that now of course).

But, getting back to the question, you say you have found a "few articles". Were these articles on the Irish Revenue website? If not, I would suggest looking there as a priority. It can be found here -

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By Alex_T
21st Oct 2019 10:12

This article which should answer your question -

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