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Workflow timing for self assessment accounts

One job or two jobs ?

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I'm curious as to how others handle self assessment cases which require accounts prep.

I have always considered this to be two separate jobs a) prepare the accounts b)prepare the self asesment return to include accounts figures and any other income / allowances. Most of the time however I find myself dealing with the two jobs at the same time i.e. related to the self assesment deadline.

Does anybody prepare the accounts using a deadline based on the accounts year-end e.g. take a Sept year-end , accounts prep scheduled for x months after the year end and the tax return scheduled later on based on the related self assessment deadline .

Some of the PM softwares treat the two "jobs" as essentially one (e.g. Accountancy Manager) , others (e.g. Senta) have two separate jobs/workflows - which is partly what has raised this question in my mind

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By Duggimon
21st Mar 2019 11:35

We treat it as two jobs but they tend to be done at the same time. The books come in, the accounts get done and the client is advised when coming in for their meeting to bring the relevant SA info.

The only time it's separated is when the accounts are getting done before the end of the tax year to which they relate.

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Hallerud at Easter
21st Mar 2019 11:48

With linked software it in the main is one job, if the accounts figures are input into the SA virtually with the press of a button with just CAs and disallows thereafter, and client has little other incomes/reliefs in the SA, then certainly one job.

If client has vast schedule of Gift Aid payments to calculate by wading through bank statements, private rentals to calculate, multiple business interests, various company director positions with salaries/benefits then it is a seperate job as all of the accounts sets generally need prepared before SA is possible.

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