Workflow using a database and Outlook

Workflow using a database and Outlook

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I work in a small practice (12 staff) and am exploring the idea of managing workflow by using shared calendars on Outlook linked to a database

How easy is this ?

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By pauljohnston
31st Mar 2016 12:43

I suggest

that before you start you have a look as I belive there are some solutions available that will do this for you.  Just have not looked for a long time

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
03rd Apr 2016 17:28

Plenty of ways

Hi, there are plenty of ways to support workflow and processes. The best way to find the right way to do it is actually map the workflow out first if you haven't already done that and then look into the market place for possible contenders and see if they support your particular workflows.

Outlook has some great features and you could tie that up with SharePoint which has a workflow feature embedded. It will just come back to how you have mapped out your processes to workflow diagrams.

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Replying to DJKL:
Jason Grant FCA
By yaakovgrant
04th Apr 2016 09:56

Funnily enough we have been advised to use sharepoint, but our IT support arent so familiar with it, so we felt we are going out on a limb. 

But you have now reawakened my interest. However do you know

1. is there a demo showing a fully blown sharepoint workflow in operation with recurring deadlines (monthly, quarterly, annual) ?

2. presumably it's not feasible to integrate a sharepoint worfklow system into some form of practice management system, with billing, WIP, communications etc ?


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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
08th Apr 2016 19:31

Starting Point

Hi there,

There is quite a nice video on the basics of workflow within SharePoint which might help.

I would guess here that you could have a task list within a SharePoint site with predefined Tasks that remind relevant people to carry out the task. Then the workflow is kicked off when the document is created within another library. Might need to explore what your workflows are to understand whether you need workflows or just a scheduling engine.

It can be possible to integrate SharePoint but would need to understand whether there are relevant API's (Application Programming Interface) available.

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