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WorkflowMax integration

Can anyone tell me about workflowmax and suitefiles integration?

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I use Suitefiles and am looking at Workflowmax for the job management and lead management stuff. Is anyone here using them in conjunction with each other, and if so can you tell me how well it works for you, please? Also, does it just sync contacts or is it more than that?

From looking at each website, it looks like they play together. I can see a suitefiles logo on the wfm website:

But nothing about how it works. And i can see the same on but no other information about it.

Any hello would be great, I'm getting really close now to having the office set up sp is more efficient, so I don't want to miss out on any benefits i could be getting.

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By Moonbeam
20th May 2019 15:51

All I know about Workflowmax is that someone on here a while ago said avoid it as it's not good.

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By NoiceRoce
20th May 2019 20:19

Ah... do you remember anything about it? Maybe i should seek out more reviews...


... also, I just realised that if I had clicked on the "more info" button on the suitefiles page, i would have had my answer. I'll put that here for anyone googling this topic:

I feel kinda dumb for missing that, but glad i asked the question because now i have more questions about Workflowmax.

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By SuiteFiles
21st May 2019 05:13

Hi @NoiceRoce, This is a link to a demo webinar we ran earlier in the month It goes through our integration with WorkflowMax (being the same thing as Xero Practice Manager) in some detail. I hope this helps.

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