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Working abroad and in the UK

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Hi, hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. I have a client who is a director of his own UK ltd company. His partner lives in Spain and last year he started to flit between the UK (working for his ltd co) and flying over to Spain to undertake bar work for his partner's business. His partner's bar in Spain had some kind of employment investigation and was told that the director needs and A1 certificate in order to work there. I have tried a couple of forms to try and obtain this but HMRC keep thinking that his UK company his sending him there to work which isnt the case.The work in Spain is completely unrelated to the UK Ltd co. Does anybody know which is the correct form/ method of obtaining this A1 under our client's circumstances? Many thanks

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By Wanderer
23rd Apr 2020 16:57

Situation sounds like it's nothing to do with the A1 form but here you go:-

Sounds like he should have been on a Spanish payroll to me.

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By accountantccole
24th Apr 2020 08:55

Agree with wanderer.
Individual needs to make a decision where they are treaty resident (if they are dual resident) and therefore which healthcare and tax system they are paying into. With Brexit on the horizon, and 90 day Schengen rules, they might need to be properly in the Spanish system to keep the flexibility

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