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Working from home allowance

Employment finished part way through 20/21

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My understand is that, to qualify for the £6 pw allowance, an employee only needs to be home working for part of 20/21 tax year.

But, what happens if they stop work (retire) part way through the year ? - would you still claim £312 ?


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By David Ex
13th Jul 2021 17:55

No, I wouldn't.

EDIT: Could have sworn I'd seen something that said not but can't find it so assume you can.

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By lionofludesch
13th Jul 2021 18:04

For the self employed, it's per month or per part of per month.

Not forced to be the same for employees but I didn't deal with any employees who had a case for claiming.

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By Paul Crowley
13th Jul 2021 18:42

Yes I would
It is trivial

Whoops there we go
No could not be bothered unless I needed to do a tax return anyway.
If so I would claim other items I paid for that the tight git of an employer did not reimburse

NOBODY should need to claim. EMPLOYER should pay

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By [email protected]
14th Jul 2021 06:22

If you use HMRC's microservice for claiming (as opposed to Self Assessment), does it give you the option to specify a number of weeks, or does it automatically give you the full year's entitlement?

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By andrew1211
19th Jul 2021 08:42

Work from home for 1 day, can claim the whole year.

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Replying to andrew1211:
By Hugo Fair
19th Jul 2021 10:47

But only if you *have to* work at home on a regular basis, either for all or part of the week (e.g. due to coronavirus restrictions). You cannot claim the tax relief if you *choose* to work from home.

Also, the current 'rule' (allowing the claim for a whole year without any pro-rating) is a dispensation from HMRC as part of the various Covid-19 measures ... so may not remain in place in 2022-23.

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