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Working in UAE for 8 months of the year in 20/21

New Client working in UAE, paid in US Dollars and converted to Sterling by his bank - UK implication

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New client taken on board with the practice. He works in UAE for approx 8-9 months a year and paid is paid USD - which is then converted by his bank to sterling. 

I am almost there on the treatment for the UK SATR 2020/2021 - but any backup advice on how this should be treated for UK tax purposes ??


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By Tax Dragon
13th Apr 2021 21:09

I suggest 'backup' means supporting what you have already established... which in turn means you setting out what you have established, so a) we don't have to* and b) we can agree (or not).

*Frankly, if you can't be bothered to explain, neither can I.

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By Matrix
13th Apr 2021 22:24

You don’t say where he is resident, the source of income (employment?) and whether any tax was deducted at source. I assume he took advice before he took this job which may have been covered by the employer, so ask for a copy.

I don’t think the currency affects the tax treatment unless your question is purely which exchange rate to use.

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By The Dullard
14th Apr 2021 09:45

Two short sentences!

It's hard to decipher the meaning of the second, but I think it's intended to be some sort of question. I'm just not sure what that question actually is.

There isn't really any information at all. Is he employed or self-employed? Where's he resident? What significance do you think the currency that he's paid in has?

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