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Working papers

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I am looking at trying to improve our working papers. We are a small practice dealing with sole traders and small Ltd Companys. We use the cloud a lot and use QBO. Does anyone have any suggestions for good working papers software?


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By Euan MacLennan
24th Mar 2017 14:21

I am told that there is a product called Excel which you can use to prepare good working papers.

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By amco
24th Mar 2017 18:29

have a look at myworkpapers

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By marks
24th Mar 2017 22:28

Agree with above look at myworkpapers.

Only really works if you use IRIS as it integrates with that.

We use both IRIS and myworkpapers and it produces working paper files at the click of a button which is held in the cloud. We then just need to drag and drop the backup to the lead schedule figures which could be any format eg pdf, excel, word, email.

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Replying to marks:
By richardterhorst
29th Mar 2017 13:57

Was very interested in myworkpapers. They said it works as a stand alone as well. They are not part of Iris and have assured me they rejected overtures from them as they saw no value to their clients.

Interested to hear other views.

Excel is labourious to set up (have done it) and as I do not want to key in data means that linkages go out if I import the clients TB.

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By Kim Jong Un's Hair
25th Mar 2017 01:13

I've set one up in excel. It's in a few steps

Tb from any source.

Code TB to schedules, eg K2A is bank (debit) and K2B is bank (credit) in my set up. Both appear on K2 in a separate area.

The lead schedules refer to the TB on an "index match" formula. This means I could have 1, 2, 20, or 50 bank accounts and all would be pulled through (contrast being vlookup that doesn't work)

From there it's a case of a macro linked to a button on each schedule that I use to attach supporting evidence.

End result is a hyperlinked excel that always matches the underlying TB, and adjustments, together with external evidence (which can be a pdf, doc, xls etc)

Also have a checklist on each section for quality control. Macros there to enable double click ticks with name of user and timestamp plus a similar box for reviewer.

Takes a bit of setting up but definitely a good way to go - you get it exactly how you want it which is where I struggled with PCAS, workplaces, etc. None had the checklist items or functionality that I wanted.

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By Hanleymail
26th Mar 2017 13:38

Just had a look at My Work Papers exempt. Does anyone have an idea of cost and how they charge. 300 plus clients and therefore 300 plus paper files!

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Replying to Hanleymail:
By richardterhorst
29th Mar 2017 13:58

Monthly subscription. Comes to about £273 for the year for the small client base one.

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By djtony
28th Mar 2017 11:47

We use Xero for our clients and that has an integrated Workpapers module for accountants which includes a clients query portal.

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By djtony
28th Mar 2017 11:48

sorry - entry duplicated.

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Bobby Chadha
By Bobby Chadha
30th Mar 2017 14:50

Myworkpapers has an integration with QBO:

I've seen quite a few smaller practices adopt them + TaxFiler for your tax returns and stat accounts which also integrates with QBO-

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By BudgetB
20th Aug 2017 17:10

Interesting. Found this thread as stumbled across this software today. As no prices are quoted on site was concerned that meant it would IRIS pricing (ie way too expensive!), but thanks to the person who provided a rough cost I've taken the plunge and signed up for the webinar next week to look at them as a serious option.

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